The Number One Marketplace For NFT Collateralised Loans

Taking our NFT based crypto loans is easier than a bank loan. Use your NFTs as collateral. Put any ERC-721 token up for collateralization. We can now offer you a loan.

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About us

We are an efficient NFT loan platform. We offer USDT, ETH & SOL loans collateralized by your crypto assets (NFTs). What does that mean? Well, we give you USDT, ETH, SOL and you give us your NFT as security for repayment. It’s really that simple and efficient.

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How it works

We have simplified the process such that you can apply for a loan in less than 2 minutes and get your loans in less than an hour. Gone are the days when you have to sell your NFT to get cash. We let you borrow funds against your NFT so you can get a loan while continuing to hodl.

If you accept a loan, the USDT, ETH & SOL gets paid out from our account to you, and your NFT gets locked in the LOAFTY smart contract. Once you repay the loan, we will swiftly transfer your asset back to you.

We have also utilised Smart Contracts of the NFT to act as escrow by handling the total process, from acilitating loans to identifying bad loans.

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Phase 1

  • Project Ideation
  • Website V1 Launch
  • Community Competitions
  • Loafty Token Presale
  • Public Sale

Phase 2

  • Token Listing
  • Website V2 Launch
  • Loafty Loan Beta Testing
  • NFT Launch

Phase 3

  • Loafty Loan Launch
  • Loafty NFT Listing
  • Massive Marketing Campaign
  • Loafty Bridge Launch


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Loafty tokenomics chart

Team - 10%

Presale - 12%

Liquidity Pool - 25%

Marketing, Ecosystem - 11%

Development - 17%

Initial Loan Pool - 25%

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Why choose LOAFTY

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Our robust lending protocols can handle NFT liquidity at ease.

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Our processes are Simple and Optimized

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Our Workflow is fluid and efficient

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Our use of blockchain smart contract provides Immutability and Transparency

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Our transactions are secured and impeccable.

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1. What is Loafty all about?

Loafty is a crypto loan platform where you can take crypto loans with yout NFTs as collateral.

2. What is the total supply of Loafty ($Lfty)?

We have only 10,000,000 $LFTY.

3. Will there be a whitelist?

Yes, there will be a whitelist, more information will be shared on our social media pages.

4. Which network is loafty built on?

Loafty is built on the binance smart chain.